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Full-time health coach and nonprofit consultant, author, blogger, podcaster, and woefully underpaid COO of a busy family of four spread across the globe—I adore my crazy life and bring my passion, knowledge, and experience to the table to help you reach your health goals and love YOUR life—no matter how crazy it is.
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  • Liza is intuitive, gloriously well-read, knowledgeable not just about her subject-matter but the human psyche and the female psyche in particular. Her non-judgmental approach was so contrary to the norms of my own soul that I was both drawn to it AND questioned its effectiveness. FYI: Incredibly effective as Liza modeled the NEW voice I now hear in my head/soul. I began the program expecting to get a more personalized approach to a diet program. I was secretly looking for a new way to lose 10-20lbs. I got SO MUCH MORE! What I received was an approach that is transforming my relationship to food, my body and my health. Liza helped me gain foundational ground I didn’t know was even needed. This program has led to a more enlivened me being in this world.

    Iris P.
  • Coaching with Liza was like meeting a good friend for coffee, having a heart-to-heart chat, and parting ways feeling refreshed and excited to get back out there! Her strategy to help me envision my ideal life helped me define my goals, and she gave me concrete, do-able steps to getting there. Her insightful questions helped me take a step back from the blur that everyday life can become, and to look at my life with a fresh set of eyes. She helped me assess whether my current patterns and choices are helping me reach my goals or not, and she helped me see that just some small changes here and there can help me to enjoy each and every day of the journey. I’m grateful for my time with Liza, my resulting change of attitude, and that I am now purposefully present in my own life.

    Kirsten H.
  • It’s the food—and it’s more than the food. I contacted Liza to see if she could help me with an unexpected health issue. I eat pretty healthy and have no “bad” habits but tests revealed some concerns. Our meetings started out pretty focused on the usual—more water, tea and lots of good green stuff. Soon we rambled into discussions about areas of my life that were causing pretty serious stress. Liza’s easy-going, subtle approach—some emotional handholding, some schooling—hit just the right note. She led me to insights and coping strategies that helped produce significantly better test results just 7 months later. Her compassionate listening and help with “action steps” did my body and soul a world of good. This kind of coaching is a gift. Liza has it.

    Jorie U.
  • When I first began working with Liza, meal planning and changing my eating habits were overwhelming. I would spend hours researching the "perfect combination" of foods, only to give up because of information overload and an inability to make sense of it all. Liza taught me new ways to think about food including the concept of SOUL food—how feeding my spirit with self care goodness is just as important as nutrition is to my body. Liza is a warm, wise, compassionate spirit—a self-care muse extraordinaire. I'm so grateful for a more peaceful relationship with food that gets better with each passing week.

    Lori A.
  • I decided to treat myself to 6 months of health coaching with Liza at a time when I was doing many things “right” in my quest for good health, but I wasn’t getting the results I was expecting. I am so glad I did; my time with Liza is the single most important gift I’ve ever given myself. After six months, I have learned so much about myriad topics, some expected and some I consider bonus material. The path wasn’t always direct; I encountered hurdles when life disrupted my plan, but Liza ensured I was never derailed. The best outcome is that I am kind to myself. Every. Day.

    Cyndi I.
  • The Fl!p Your K!tchen® presentation had something for everyone. Whether they were an experienced cook and nutritionist or a rank beginner who hated being in the kitchen, everyone enjoyed the practical and riveting instruction.

    Ann H. RN, Certified Lifestyle Educator
  • I always look forward to my sessions with Liza. It's like standing at the mouth of a dark cave I'm not ready to go into and having her show up with the flashlight.

    Paula R. Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
  • Liza's clear descriptions, knowledge, enthusiasm and permission to not be perfect when making food choices are so inspiring! I’m arriving to my kitchen feeling renewed and ready to cook the healthiest version of tasty food, that I can conjure up. I’m back to feeling that preparation can be creative and dining can be divine!

    Raisha L.

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