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Foundations of Wellness for Women

foundations of wellness for women

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve formed a collaboration with holistic gynecologist Dr. Suman Tewari and fellow health coach Jen Sprague!
Under the auspices of Ann Arbor Holistic Gynecology, we are now providing programming we call Foundations of Wellness for Women.

Sign up for our email list or find us on Facebook, where you can learn about our upcoming events, which include free bi-weekly Zoom workshops on a variety of topics.


heal your relationship with food

In January 2021, I’ll be doing a 3-session series titled Healing Your Relationship with Food with Meena Puri of the Ayurvedic Healing Center.

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Join me on The Simply: Health Coaching Podcast!

We’ve spent too much time overcomplicating life: it’s time to simplify. (That’s why the word “simply” is in my business name!)

After a season of predominantly solo episodes that focused on reclaiming your integrative health—physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and energetic—we’re moving on to a more interview-based format.

Interviewees will be a mix of:

  • Women sharing their stories of experiencing burnout in mission-driven work (and maybe getting some impromptu coaching from me!)
  • Practitioners who serve women in burnout talking about the modalities they offer and more interviews from the (Sorta) Secret Sisterhood archives
  • Philanthropists, funders, and other forward-thinking individuals considering and implementing innovative ways of supporting the holistic health and wellness of nonprofit staff at all levels

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Interested in appearing on the podcast? Follow the relevant link/s.

on the internet | social media

social media

I have a love/hate relationship with social media, so I continue to tweak where and how I show up in that space. For now, here’s the plan:

  • YouTube: yup, after years of trying to figure out why I’m so averse to video, I think I’ve finally sorted it. Maybe it’s my affinity for social connection: I have no problems doing Zoom meetings and interviews when there is at least one someone on the other end; I freeze when it’s just me staring down the camera eye. The solution? For now, I’ll be posting clips of the video version of my podcast episodes here.
  • I’ll be building out my profile and business page on LinkedIn and spending more time there.
  • On Facebook, my focus will be on my private group, the (Sorta) Secret Sisterhood, rather than my business page. If you’re a woman 40+, hop on in—and invite your friends to join us!