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Nope, SOLE food is not the deep-fried deliciousness that is soul food. It’s food that is seasonal, organic, local, and ethical.

As a health coach, I don’t prescribe or even recommend specific eating styles to anyone: it’s not only beyond my scope of practice—it doesn’t make sense to do so! Integrative Nutrition® is based on a principle called “bio-individuality,” which is that we are all unique individuals, and what nourishes you might be poisonous to someone else. Your kale is another’s kryptonite.

The best example I can think of comes from my own family: my brother is practically vegan, and at the age of 50+, he’s thriving and running crazy up-the-mountain-type endurance races on this eating style. I was a vegan for a few years in graduate school, and I firmly believe that my diet contributed to my thyroid issues, which seem to be managed better on one that contains a very small amount of really high quality animal protein.

(And yes, we have an agreement to disagree agreeably on this topic. And I do tease him that Oreos are, in fact, vegan.)

That said, irrespective of whether they prefer to be vegan, vegetarian, omnivorous, Paleo, keto … whatever, I do encourage people to eat what I call whole, SOLE foods: foods that are as close to nature and—to go a bit woo on you—those that are energetically most aligned with the frequency at which the Universe vibrates.

If you are interested in reading more about SOLE foods, I invite you to check out my blog post titled SOLE food | Getting your nickel’s worth, in which you can find the links to the entire SOLE food series I wrote in the fall of 2017. You can also type SOLE into the search bar on my site to see a list of the posts that mention these foods.

If you’re more into audio, check out episodes 25–29 of the first season of my podcast.

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Do you adhere to a particular eating style? Have you tweaked your diet over time? What makes you feel fabulous, and what do you avoid? Leave your thoughts about SOLE foods in the comments. 

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