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What’s the best way to nourish yourself? On a secondary food level, it’s SOLE food. And just as with our secondary foods, our primary foods can nourish us like kale or toxify us like kryptonite. And the equivalent of SOLE food is SOUL food: seasonal, organic, unique, and loving.

And it’s interesting to note that very often, our relationship with food is a reflection of our relationship to our other lifestyle choices. This is not a new observation: Geneen Roth is one of the pioneers in this work, and I highly recommend her books if you’re interested in reading more about it.

You can read my own take on it on my blog at How do you come to the table?

I thought long and hard about how I could draw a useful parallel between secondary and primary foods, and I eventually came up with what I think is a kinda cool solution: SOLE food | SOUL food. You can access the SOUL food series of posts by finding all the links in this post.

make the connection

As a bonus you can download my SOLE food/SOUL food e-book compiled from the SOUL food series I did on my blog. If you want to dig deeper into the idea of SOUL foods, download it and do the exercises after each section!

Let us know in the comments, do you adhere to particular lifestyle choices? Have you adjusted your choices over time? What makes you feel fabulous, and what do you avoid? Leave your thoughts about SOUL foods in the comments. 

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