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what’s the best way to nourish yourself?

when’s the last time you even considered that question?

Because it’s more than likely you’re in chronic caregiver mode, nurturing everyone but yourself.

You’ll get to you when:
you have time, you have energy, things settle down,
the project at work is finished, the kids are grown, the parents are sorted,
and the to-do list is to-done.

ready to start nourishing yourself?


 let’s face it: women nurture the world.

mother. daughter. sister. partner. friend.

caregiver. teacher. nurse. volunteer. nonprofiteer.

We make up 75% of the nonprofit sector, 77% of public school teachers, and 91% of nurses.

We bear a disproportionate amount of the mental load at home,
whether others help with the actual work or not.

And the more full-time we work, the more of that mental load we bear.

And during the pandemic, our mental load has increased more than that of the guys.

And we are burning out.

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the bad news

life won’t stop for you to catch up.

The time to take care of yourself is now—before you catch another cold or flu (or worse);
before you gain more weight, get some weird numbers or a scary diagnosis;
before you face another crisis at work or on the home front.

the good news

this is not a battle.

Your body, mind, and spirit are not the enemy.

With your permission, they can help you reach your goals
and meet your own needs as well as your many obligations.

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the really good news

you can EAT™ your way to health.

ENGAGE your inner wisdom | ALIGN your choices with your values | TRANSFORM your life

  • Re/claim your best health: identify and clarify your goals, create a roadmap to reach them, and embark on your journey.
  • Dispel the confusion and overwhelm: get confident about your food and lifestyle choices.
  • Join a community of like-minded women: The EAT™ group component allows you to join the conversations by phone or online, or just lurk and know that you are not alone.
  • Get the support of a coach whose only mission is to support you in your journey to reverse burnout and get sustainably healthy.


from those who have EATen

I began the program expecting to get a more personalized approach to a diet program. I was secretly looking for a new way to lose 10-20lbs. I got SO MUCH MORE! What I received was an approach that is transforming my relationship to food, my body and my health. Liza helped me gain foundational ground I didn’t know was even needed. This program has led to a more enlivened me being in this world. Liza is intuitive, gloriously well-read, knowledgeable not just about her subject-matter but the human psyche and the female psyche in particular. Her non-judgmental approach was so contrary to the norms of my own soul that I was both drawn to it AND questioned its effectiveness. FYI: Incredibly effective as Liza modeled the NEW voice I now hear in my head/soul.

Iris P.

EAT™ Your way to health 2

I love working with Liza. She is kind AND challenging. I have learned a lot about nutrition. I thought I knew what I needed to know, but I learned that there was much more to know. She also gave good techniques to use in making choices, replacing negative self-talk, and keeping a positive attitude. I highly recommend her coaching!

Sarah T.

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what's on the menu?

EAT™ is offered in two formats:

  • Basic: online group program featuring weekly content (simple, bite-sized, actionable information) and group interaction + coaching calls
  • VIP (Voraciously Invested Person): everything included in the Basic program—plus a lot more 1:1 contact and support with your coach

on the menu



Online modules: simple, bite-sized, actionable information

Group coaching calls

1:1 coaching calls

Downloadable handouts and worksheets

Deeper dive webinars + podcast-style audio downloads

Reminders to keep you on task and on track

Group message boards: jump into the conversation or just lurk

Online journaling (if that’s your thing)

Virtual 1:1 support via direct message M–F

Accountability buddy (based on interest and availability)

Special bonuses








your coach

Liza Baker is a full-time Integrative Nutrition® health coach and nonprofit consultant, self-published author, blogger, podcaster, and woefully underpaid COO of a busy family of four spread across the globe. She adores her crazy life and brings her passion, knowledge, and experience to the table to help you to begin reversing burnout and reach your health goals.

Her favorite clients are the under-appreciated, under-listened to, under-taken-care-of, under-valued, overwhelmed, overworked, over-scheduled, overtired, and OVER. IT. ALL. women 40+ who are ready to reclaim the starring role in their lives after too many years of playing best supporting actress in everyone else’s—at work and at home.

Liza Baker

your investment



  • The online program requires ≤1 hour per week of dedicated time; the rest of the week, you’ll be practicing your new skill while attending to all the things you already do.
  • Group calls (≤1 hour) are optional—and highly recommended! Come for all or part of the call to get your own questions answered and to share support with other participants.
  • VIP 1:1 calls will add 45–50 minutes per week—but hey, as a Voraciously Invested Person, you know you’re worth it.


From the time that I started my practice, it has been a mission of mine to make health coaching affordable for Every Body. I recognize that historic economic inequality exists and is especially oppressive for the marginalized.

Thanks to a generous grant from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation’s Small Business Restart program, I am able to offer scholarships for the October 2020 cohort of the EAT™.

Those with financial privilege are asked to pay $1,200 for the Basic program/$2,400 for the VIP program.

Those with low incomes are invited to apply for a scholarship that is tailored to their individual needs. 

still have questions?